Mickey supported many worthwhile charities during his life. 
This page is dedicated to recognizing some of those organizations.



Organ & Tissue Donation


Hi, I guess in all of our lives we want to do
something we could be proud of.  I've been
very lucky in mine - but I really am proud
to be a part of Make-A-Wish and I know
you are too.  Thanks a lot. -


Join Mickey's Team

to support organ and tissue donation


The best gift I ever got was on June 8, 1995 when an organ donor
gave me and five other patients at Baylor University Medical Center
in Dallas the organs we needed to live.  I guess you could say I got
another time at bat.

Now I want to give something back.  I can do that first by telling kids
and parents to take care of their bodies.  Don't drink or do drugs.
Your health is the main thing you've got, so don't blow it.

Second, think hard about being an organ and tissue donor if the time
ever comes.  Sign this card, carry it with you, and let your family

Thanks for your prayers and kindness.  I'll never be able to make up
all I owe God and the American people.  But if you will join me
in supporting the cause of organ and tissue donation, it would be
a great start.

Mickey Mantle


Please contact your local organ donation organization or complete
the form below, print it and keep it with you at all times. 
This donor card is the most important card you carry.

In the hope that I may help others, I hereby make this anatomical gift if medically acceptable to take effect upon my death.  The words and remarks indicate my desires.

I give: (a) ________ any needed organs and tissue
I give: (b) ________ only the following organs and tissues.
Specify the organ(s) and tissue(s) ______________________________________________
for the purpose of transplantation, therapy, medical research, or education.
I give: (c) ________ my body for anatomical study if needed.
Limitation or special wishes, if any: _____________________________________________

Signed by the donor and the following two witnesses in the presence of each other.

               Signature of Donor                    Date of Birth of Donor

                  Date Signed                          City and State

                    Witness                              Witness
This is a legal document under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act or similar acts.  It is to be retained by the person signing as donor.